Amazing features of xender apk for you to know

Xender is a very reliable and easy way to transfer various types of files from your Smartphone device to other devices and vice-versa. The key features of Xender are as follows –

1: Xender can transfer files with lightening speed. Highest speed of file transfer is recorded as 40Mb per second.

2: Supports multiple file formats. Xender gives you the freedom of sharing any type of files as such music, videos, photos, apps, games, documents, etc.

3: Xender works wirelessly. No tangled cable or internet or data is required to get the things done.

4: No limitations on shared file size. No matter what type file you are sharing on Xender, you can transfer files as much as you want, as big as you wish. It’s just that, bigger the file size, longer the time will it take.

5: As mentioned earlier, Xender support cross-platform file transferring. It allows you to exchange files between devices like PC, Mac, Phones, and Tablets irrespective of the OS versions and nature of OS ecosystems. Xender runs on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X.

6: If you use Xender on Smartphone, there is a unique feature that allows you move your old mobile data like SMS, Contacts, Images, Videos, Audios, Games, etc to a new device in just one single button.

7: When Xender is used on Smartphones, it can also be utilized as a File Manager to manage, move, and remove received files. You may also keep backups when some phone space need to be freed up.

8: The Xener for PC tool as well as mobile app comes with a very decent user-interface that lets you get things done easily.

9: Interestingly, the tool is available in all major languages available around the world.

10: Recently, Xender app has integrated Hungama to it. This collaboration will allow you to play, download, or share music tracks with other Xender users.

Got enough info about xender feature? This is time to get your hands dirty with Xender for PC.

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