Bamboo vs Egyptian Cotton Bed Sets

This article will be short, sweet and to the point so you can learn the difference between Egyptian cotton and bamboo sheets so you can find your perfect bed set.

First and foremost, bamboo sheets are not actually bamboo sheets. They are rayon, made from the cellulose of the bamboo plant. So you are buying rayon if you decide on them.

Is this a bad thing? Not really. Rayon was invented as a synthetic silk and we have to admit that their work turned out pretty nice. One of the most loved benefits of bamboo sheet sets is that they sleep like silk to some degree.

My dad used to call rayon "poor mans silk". Rayon is cheap, really cheap compared to Egyptian cotton. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and absorb moisture and wick it back into the atmosphere quickly.

Egyptian cotton is an entirely different product. Although it's not considered green, a quality set of Egyptian cotton sheets can last you from 20 to 40 years. Talk about getting your money's worth. Luxury of the Pharaohs has a short guide that that will help clarify this issue in more detail.

Egyptian cotton is not prone to pilling and can be woven is a sateen weave for that silky luxury feel or the crispness of the percale weave, giving you elite hotel quality and feel. Either way, you are getting the sleep experience like no other, but you will pay for it.

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