Basic Equipment Required For Cable Pulling

Cable pulling may not sound like a very complicated procedure, although it does sound technical. However, it is used in a variety of industrial applications, and requires several different types of equipment. For someone new to it, we bring a guide to introduce you to cable pulling and the basic equipment used in this process.

Courtesy-Cable Winch Puller

  • Pulling rope

Pulling rope is one of the key cable pulling equipment. These ropes come in various different sizes and need to be used appropriate to the weight and application usage. These are primarily used by contractors to pull heavy wire through conduit, and for installing cables. Pulling ropes are available in different stretching capacities, as well as various synthetic materials.

  • Spools

Cables spools are essential for handling cables during the cable pulling process. These reels and spools come in various sizes, where tin or plastic reels are typically used for small conductors, whereas wood reels are used as large conductors. It must be ensured that these spools are not bent or damaged, as their performance can be harmed by damage or dirt. Defective reels can make the installation of cables much tougher than it already it.

  • Pulling tools

Pulling tools include various pieces of equipment, such as jack stands, cable pulling winches and cable reel arbours. All these tools help make the installation process safer and assist in terms of providing stability, preventing entanglement, and making the process more secure.

Develop an understanding of these tools, and all other equipment, before getting involved in any business related to cable pulling.

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