Examples Of Shingles Symptoms And Things To Do When They Appear

There are many different kinds of illness that a person may suffer from caused by various viruses and bacteria surrounding them. An example of this is the virus varicella zoster which could infect you with chickenpox that might begin on your face, chest and back which spread to other parts. But it also causes another infection which is called as shingles.

This second infection usually happens decades after you have suffered from chickenpox since the virus would retreat to the nerve tissues of your spinal cord. When it wakes up, several shingles symptoms may start appearing on your skin since it travels towards there. When you notice them, it is better to immediately go to a doctor and let them diagnose you first to confirm it.

That is because you might just have ordinary rashes caused by other things when a side of your torso starts feeling itchy and tingly. The doctor could then do some examinations on you and figure out if ever you have shingles or not. This condition is also called herpes zoster and usually wakes up when your immune system is low.

Aside from having a weakened immune system, another indication that you can have shingles later in life is when you experienced having chickenpox. Other reasons would include having HIV, cancer or other diseases which lowers the defenses of your body. Or if you are fifty years old or older, just had physical trauma, under severe stress or taking medicines that lowers your immunity.

Though several people who are infected do not fall under any of those categories so take note of the symptoms of this condition. The most common one is seeing raised dots in a row on the side of your face or body with your skin looking read at that area. You will get also a shooting or stabbing kind of pain.

Other symptoms include having an upset stomach, headache, fever, chills and a tingling feeling under or in your skin. The rashes would then turn into painful and red blisters filled with fluid but they start to dry out as well as crust over within seven to ten days. Quickly call your doctor when you see any of these signs.

Once you are infected though, it cannot be cured but the treatment could lessen how long this would last and give you a better feeling. The condition is contagious and the virus can be spread to other people who did not have chickenpox before. There is also a vaccine against it so those individuals which were not vaccinated may be infected as well.

You are considered contagious until every sore you have on your body have been crusted over. Until that happens, avoid pregnant women that did not have the vaccine or have not suffered chickenpox before. Avoid newborns and people with weaker immune systems too.

There is a vaccine which is approved by the Food and Drug Authority available since the year 2006. Healthcare professionals recommend people that are sixty years old or older get it. Even those who had shingles already before.

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