Fix: KMode Exception Not Handled Error In Windows

The Windows 10 issue KMode Exception Not Handled generates a BSOD and frequently a reboot loop. Full syntax will be something similar to ‘Error: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (DRIVER.sys). While irritating, this can be a relatively easy issue to deal with. When you desire to fix the Windows 10 issue KMode Exception Not Handled, this is what you need to do.

Solve: KMode Exception Not Handled Error

There are two main methods to address this specific STOP KMode Exception Not Handled error; they are both comparatively easy to follow. The initial one is to disable fast startup and second is usually to upgrade the driver at issue.

Browse to Control Panel, System and Security and Power Options.

Find ‘Choose what power buttons do’.

Click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’.

Uncheck the box close to ‘Turn on fast start-up’ and Save changes.

Fast startup is usually a sort of hybrid shutdown and hibernate mode that isn’t without its difficulties. One of these is difficulty with starting drivers.

If that doesn’t carry out, try updating the driver pointed out in the problem text. The error will see similarly to ‘Error: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (DRIVER.sys)’.

Search about the filename you’re experiencing in your fault text to discover which driver it relates to.

Browse through to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager.

Chose the hardware involved, right click on and select ‘Update Driver Software’.

Restart your laptop when recommended to.

Above steps should resolve the problem.

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