Fix « Thread Stuck in Device Driver » Error In Windows

A lot of you may have been stuck with this BSOD error, also known as "Thread Stuck in Device Driver". The problem is commonly experienced by the Windows 10 computer users. The error is maybe because of malfunctioning graphic card driver. Possibly it can be because of the defective graphic card. Follow methods below to fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver in Microsoft Windows.

Update or Reinstall Overall Drivers

Since the fault 0x100000ea is basically resulted due to the drivers specially the video card or the Graphic card driver, therefore, the very first thing you can check is a faulty driver.

Follow the guidelines prescribed here.

Open Device Manager. Either type Device Manager in the search box or input devmgmt.msc in the Run window. You will observe a list of computer hardware linked with your computer. Expand it. Find a yellowish triangle having an exclamation sign. If you locate any such driver, right click it. Then click Up-date.

Fix Corrupted System Files

The final Way that you can attempt is simply by figuring out the existence of any harmful system computer files and fixing them. Harmful system data files also allow the thread stuck in device driver. So take the assistance of the built-in checker of computer data files and scan the system. Right Click the Start option. And then select Command Prompt (Administrator). Next over the following window on command prompt, write sfc /Scannow. Tap Enter. The System File Checker will begin the scanning task and check out the Damaged Data files. Now fix them and issue will be resolved.

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