Pottery: Functionality Verses Art

I've been involved in pottery today for approximately four decades. I became curious, when in my occupation; I traveling North Carolina in the Coast to the fall and one afternoon I needed to stop in at a pottery store.

I had been removed with pottery, the moment I watched the numerous forms from cups into jugs. From that point on, I began stopping in at any store which I hurried across, in my journeys. It was afterward, I had been hooked.

While being brand new to pottery, I watched it as artwork. A number of the very first pieces I bought were done to decorate my house and as gifts for my spouse. My spouse, who's an avid collector of anything, was the main reason behind the first purchase of pottery from the ceramic studio.

I bought a pie plate that had a lighthouse painted onto it. I just viewed it as art rather than as practical. And the majority of the bits I bought afterward were purchased as ornamental pieces for our dwelling. I looked at art as artwork.

As my interest in pottery grew I wished to understand to create pottery by myself. On one of the trips I seen a local pottery in Sanford, North Carolina, called, "The Cole Pottery". While there, Neola Cole let me take a peek at the wheel and I was hooked.

It wasn't long that I bought a wheel and started practicing in the home. I'm by no way a specialist yet, but I'm in my way. And in doing this, I also have obtained my youngest son hooked. 

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