Take Advantage of Your Apartment Security Guard

Not all apartment complexes allow their residents to set up home security systems in their units although studies have shown that doing this is the very best way to deter burglars from breaking and entering. Fortunately, there are different methods of making your apartment more secure in the absence of a home security system. To explore security guard service you may lead here http://oilgates.com/.

Take Advantage of Your Apartment Security Guard

Among the best ways to make certain that your house has additional eyes watching over it, especially when you're not able to physically be there to do it yourself is to make friends with the apartment complex security guard. Nearly all large complexes have a person who may either guard the entrance to the complex or drive around in a safety vehicle watching for irregularities in the house.

It's been demonstrated that if you establish a connection with somebody, even if it's simply a friendship, then that person is more inclined to keep an eye on your house for you. This is the principle behind neighborhood watch groups, but it works just as well with security guards.

You should inform the security guard that you don't want anybody to be allowed into your apartment without your consent. If he has not heard directly from your mouth a particular person is to be allowed in, he must not give anyone access.

You also need to inform the security guard anytime you're going on vacation so he can watch for anybody lurking about your unit. He knows he should not let anybody in, but now he'll be watching for somebody who may be attempting to break in.

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