Which Are The Best Brake Pads for Automobiles?

Brake pads are very important accessories in a car’s braking system. They are the ones that provide the needed friction to slow down or stop a car when hydraulic brakes are applied by the driver. Brake pads require regular replacement; some will need to be replaced earlier than the others.

What is important is that brake pads need to have enough strength to be able to stop the spinning wheels of a moving car. There are basically four types of brake pads for automobiles for car owners to choose from. The semi-metallic brake pads are made of metal such as copper, wire or steel. They are strong, therefore can be durable. Their only problem is that they may wear your car’s rotors out so easily.

The low metallic NAO brake pads are made from a mixture of organic formula and some copper or steel. These types are able to transfer heat and therefore may be safer for the rotors. The Non-asbestos organic brake pads are purely made from organic material such as rubber and glass. They are very soft and therefore operate quietly.

They, however, produce a lot of dust. Lastly are the ceramic pads, made from a blend of ceramic fibers and other fillers. They are the best to use and are safe for your rotors. Other than the types, the amount of power produced by the braking pads and the cost are also important factors to consider in buying the best brake pads for automobiles.

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